Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ink on paper, ink on skin

Well it's been a long while between drinks, but we've finally convinced another staffer to step into the spotlight for our 'regular' staff profiles.
This edition we meet 29-year-old printing machinist Jason Harding.

Jason has been a printer at Willprint for almost 10 years - he not only likes putting ink on paper, but on his skin, too!

Tell us about your family life:
"I'm married with three sons. We have one dog, called Basil, and 10 coldwater fish."

What makes you tick?
"Body art... love a tattoo or two."

If you could be famous for anything, what would it be?
"Motorsport - I've tried it, but my dreams didn't match my skills!"

If I gave you a hundred bucks right now, what would you buy with it?
"Action figures."

What do you want for Christmas?
"Action figures."

If you retired today, what would you be doing tomorrow?
"Whatever my wife asks me to."

What is your best childhood memory?
"My seventh birthday at Creswick Dinosaur Park."

What is your favourite food?
"Meatlovers pizza - ham, bacon, beef, salami, say no more!"

What is your favourite movie?
"Planet Terror."

What is your favourite song?
"Killing in the Name of, by Rage Against the Machine."

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