Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hold onto your history

Every step we take, every day that passes, every important event - be it happy or sad - memories are made.
Memories are the mind's photograph.
But when the mind can no longer recall them, who will pass down your family's stories to future generations?
Don't let pieces of your history die as the people who know them intricately also come to pass.
Record your family's history with a book, so its presence in the world is in print for eternity.
It is the most valuable gift you could leave to future generations as they will discover their origins, learn of their past and get to know the relatives they'll never be able to meet in person.

Ask us how we can help preserve your family's story.

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Visit: Ian, Jan and the team at 51 Drummond Rd, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.

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